Saintonge Roundabout

Francia. 2023. Color. 14 min. Documental. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Quentin Papapietro.
  • Scriptwriter: Quentin Papapietro.
  • Cinematography: Nicola Bergamaschi.
  • Editing: Jules Pottier; Louis Ségun.
  • Music: Pierre Bastien.
  • Poster designer: Nathalie Hugues.
  • Producer: Jordane Oudin.

On the roads of Saintonge, strange constructions have been laid in front of places where we pass without stopping : roundabouts organized with an obsession with local culture. This film is an opportunity to turn around these landscape where oysters, parasols and prehistoric women live together.

Quentin Papapietro

Born in Limoges in 1987, graduate of the ESAV and a former critic at the Cahiers du cinéma, Quentin Papapietro has shot in ten years more than twenty short films and two feature films. Selected in major festivals around the world, his films had a retrospective at the Cinémathèque Française in 2019.