Hungría. 2023. Color. 16 min. Documental. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Anna Gyimesi .
  • Scriptwriter: Anna Gyimesi .
  • Cinematography: Jasper Rigole.
  • Editing: Anna Gyimesi .
  • Sound: Anna Gyimesi .
  • Producer: Anna Gyimesi .
  • Co-production: Bélgica, Portugal

To get on with her life, Els, a mother in her forties has to accept her adult daughter's decision on asking for psychiatric euthanasia.

Anna Gyimesi

Born in Budapest in 1985. After graduating in medicine in 2011, she dedicated herself to cinema. She graduated from the film directing program at the Budapest University of Theater and Film Arts in 2019 and in documentary directing from the Docnomads Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in 2021. Her interests are taboo social dilemmas represented through personal dramas, especially related to motherhood, femininity and social marginalization.