Crossroads. Boa Mistura's Circular Trip (WiP)

España. 2022. Color. 61 min. Documental. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Dan Barreri.
  • Scriptwriter: Boa Mistura; Felipe Vara de Rey.
  • Cinematography: Fer Taranco.
  • Editing: Noel Rayo.
  • Music: Leiva .; GARY Reuben Morris.

Art as a tool for transformation.

The periphery of Cape Town, South Africa, is the epicentre of an inspiring journey through the work of the graffiti-rooted art collective Boa Mistura.

Along the way, urban art becomes the vehicle that connects the lives of a favela neighbour in São Paulo, a young man from the slum of Kibera in Kenya, an indigenous Mapuche woman in northern Chile, a Syrian refugee and a woman from a fishing village in the Dominican Republic.

These small encounters through painting are the spark that ignites changes both in the neighbours of the communities and in the collective.

Dan Barreri

Dan's communication tools have been in genres as diverse as music videos, documentaries and branded content. He has provided images for the music of great artists such as Pablo Alborán, Rayden, Sharif, Bely Basarte, Juancho Marqués, Lola Índigo, Maka, Recycled J and the Japanese group Knowone.

One of his challenges: to tell the story of the urban art collective Boa Mistura, in the form of a feature-length documentary. With them, he has been able to see how art can be a tool for change and inspiration in places such as the Ritsona refugee camp (Greece), the neighbourhood of La Cañada Real (Madrid), South Africa, Brazil, Chile and the coastal village of Pepillo Salcedo (Dominican Republic).