España. 2022. Color. 115 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Carlos Vermut.
  • Scriptwriter: Carlos Vermut.
  • Cast: Nacho Sánchez; Zoe Stein.
  • Cinematography: Alana Mejía González.
  • Editing: Emma Tusell.
  • Art director: Laia Ateca.
  • Music: Alberto Torres.
  • Sound: Antonio Mejías.
  • Special Effects: Rubén Serra.
  • Producer: Roberto Butragueño; Amadeo Hernández Bueno; Álvaro Portanet Hernández; Pedro Hernández Santos; Alex Lafuente.

Julián is a successful video game designer who lives tormented by a dark secret. When Diana appears in his life, Julián feels close to the opportunity to be happy.

Carlos Vermut

Carlos studied illustration at the School of Art of Madrid. He started to work as illustrator for El Mundo. After having published several independent comics, he started to work as the creator of the television series 'Jelly Jamm', which was broadcasted on TVE. In 2011, he created his own production company Psicosoda Films to produce his film 'Diamond Flash', which won several awards.

"Quién te cantará" (2018) / "Magical Girl" (2014) / "Don Pepe Popi" (2012) / "Diamond Flash" (2011) / "Michirones" (2009) / "Maquetas" (2009)