The House among the Cactuses

España. 2022. Color. 88 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Carlota González-Adrio.
  • Scriptwriter: Paul Pen.
  • Cast: Zoe Arnao; Ariadna Gil; Ricardo Gómez; Daniel Grao.
  • Cinematography: Kiko de la Rica.
  • Editing: Sofi Escudé.
  • Art director: Soledad Seseña.
  • Music: Zeltia Montes.
  • Sound: Tamara Arévalo.
  • Producer: Cristóbal García; Elvira Morales Sales; Jesús Ulled Nadal.

The island of Gran Canaria. At the end of the 70s. Rosa and Emilio live with their five daughters, isolated from the world in the middle of a valley. In this wild place, they lead an alternative, harmonious life, until the appearance of a lost hiker, who they agree to help. This occurrence, very much out of the ordinary for the family, will lead to an extreme and hostile situation and will reveal the suffocating, dark nature of the house among the cactuses and its inhabitants.

Carlota González-Adrio

Carlota González-Adrio was born in Barcelona in Febrero 1996. She studied at Escac and, even though she specialised in Art Direction, her passion has always been writing and directing. So she graduates writing and directing Solsticio de verano as her final degree project.

"Solsticio de verano" (2019)