The Lone Wolf

Portugal. 2021. Color. 22 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Filipe Melo.
  • Scriptwriter: Filipe Melo.
  • Cast: Luís Araújo; Beatriz Batarda; Márcia Breia.
  • Editing: Gabriela Soares.
  • Music: Paulo Furtado; Filipe Melo.
  • Sound: Bruno Garcez.
  • Producer: Vasco Viana.

On a night like any other, Vítor Lobo, the "lone wolf", goes live on Viva FM, a radio station, in which he hosts a late-night talk show, taking calls from his listeners. The "lone wolf" could never imagine the emotional night that awaited him.


Filipe Melo

Filipe Melo is a pianist, filmmaker and author of Portuguese comics.

"Sleepwalk" (2018) / "Moonspell: Lickanthrope" (2012)