España. 2022. Color. 9 min. Animación. .
  • Film Director: Sam Ortí Martí.
  • Scriptwriter: Sam Ortí Martí.
  • Music: Sam Orti Martí.
  • Animation: Sam Orti Martí.

Wake up dazed, disoriented in a gloomy room. Strapped to a stretcher, he tries to free himself and call for help. His anxiety is increasing, the real terror comes when he discovers his captors... sometimes things are not what they seem.

Sam Ortí Martí

Sam, born in Valencia, has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to specialized stop-motion animation films. Where he has invested the most time and effort is in his own work, winning numerous awards with short films such as «Encarna», «The Werepig» or «Vicenta» and in his latest feature film «Pos eso». Today Sam continues developing personal projects and collaborating with other companies and studios around the world and expanding his knowledge to new disciplines.

"Semántica" (2005) / "Hermético" (2004) / "Encarna" (2003)