Tattooed on our Eyes we Carry the Aftertaste

España. 2022. Color. 26 min. Documental. .
  • Film Director: Diana Toucedo.
  • Scriptwriter: Diana Toucedo.
  • Cinematography: Diana Toucedo.
  • Editing: Diana Toucedo.
  • Music: BFlecha ..
  • Sound: Oriol Gallart.
  • Animation: Aleix Fernández.

The shellfish gatherers of a small village in southern Galicia (Spain), strive every day of the tide to sow, dig and take care of the threshold between the sea water and the sand. In symbiosis, collective consciousness and affections emerge from their bodies, their gestures, and their words.

Diana Toucedo

Diana studied Cine and Audiovisuals with Editing specialization in the ESCAC and completed a Masters degree in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies at Pompeu Fabra University in 2011. She works as editor in feature films made by F. Trueba, I. Lacuesta, J. Otero Romani, F. Pomares, A. Gracia. etc. She’s currently developing her first feature film as director, 'Trinta Lumes' and is editing the last production of Nanouk Films 'La fin du monde'.

"Trinta Lumes" (2017) / "Homes" (2016) / "Por que non cantades todas" (2015) / "En todas as mans" (2015) / "Imágenes secretas" (2015) / "Imágenes secretas" (2013) / "Ser de luz" (2009)

Premio de la Crítica por ''Trinta Lumes'', D'A Film Festival (España) 2018 / Mejor Largometraje por "Trinta Lumes", Filmadrid (España) 2018 / Mejor Dirección de Fotografía por "Trinta Lumes", Toulouse Cinespaña (Francia) 2018 / Mención especial del jurado por "Trinta Lumes" (España) 2018