Sandwich Cat

España. 2022. Color. 10 min. Animación. .
  • Film Director: David Fidalgo Omil.
  • Art director: David Fidalgo Omil.
  • Sound: Noel Rodríguez.
  • Animation: David Fidalgo Omil.
  • Producer: Gonzalo E. Veloso.

David lives alone with his kitty, Sandwich Cat. It seemed like an ordinary day, but an unexpected visit will lead him to a crucial reflection to humanity.

David Fidalgo Omil

Director, screenwriter and animator. Graduated in Fine Arts and Master in illustrated album and animation. His first work was the short film “Letters to Superman” in 2016. He has also made experimental videos and video clips for different artists. In 2017 he directed and animated the video clip “Días y Días” for Delafé and the experimental video “Sincerely, I no longer reason”. In 2018 he made several experimental videos “Dinosaurs never went extinct”, “We need you!” and “Siglo XXI” and the video clip “La gran ola” by Delafé. His next job was the short film "Homomaquia" and in 2019 the video clips of Bebo San Juan "Around the world" and "Pepe Maní".

"Homomaquia" (2019)

Biznaga de Plata y Premio del Público al Mejor Cortometraje de Animación por "Homomaquia" Festival de Málaga, (España) 2020 / Premio al Mejor Videoclip por "La vuelta al mundo" Festival Primavera de Cine, (España) 2020