España. 2022. Color. 21 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Aitzol Saratxaga Saenz.
  • Scriptwriter: Ainara Mentxaka; David Pérez Sañudo.
  • Cast: Sara Balerdi; Mikel Losada.
  • Cinematography: Ernesto Báez.
  • Editing: Josémiguel Villalta.
  • Art director: Antxon Notario.
  • Music: Nerea Alberdi.
  • Sound: Adriana Rolloso.
  • Special Effects: Irene Río.
  • Producer: Kevin Iglesias.

Father and daughter live in an isolated, inhospitable forest, terrified by a mist that emerges from between the trees and that has a devastating effect on the minds and bodies of all living things. While they try and protect themselves, the mist grows closer and closer.

Aitzol Saratxaga Saenz

Director of the shorts Basoan and Ziren (prizewinners in festivals such as FANT or Caostica), as well as video clips for bands like Liher and Las Selvas. He combines his work as a director with that of composing soundtracks for fiction films (outstanding examples of his work are García & García or The Bastards’ Fig Tree). He is also a DIT and colourist in several productions.

"Basoan" (2018) / "Ziren" (2017)