My Tiger

Francia. 2022. Color. 14 min. Animación. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Jean-Jean Arnoux.
  • Scriptwriter: Jean-Jean Arnoux.
  • Music: Jean-Jean Arnoux.
  • Producer: Luc Camilli; Nicolas de Rosanbo; Annabelle Gangneux; Céline Vanlint.

Mr K works for « Pastagel », a miraculous product which keeps your hair perfectly smooth and shiny all day long. Mr K tries to be neat, but his hair is rebellious and doesn’t stay in place, perhaps just like him?

Jean-Jean Arnoux

Jean-Jean studied animation at Gobelins school, in Paris (France), and then worked as an illustrator and director of animated short films.

"La Faillite" (2014)