The World’s After

Francia. 2022. Color. 11 min. Animación. .
  • Film Director: Florentina Gonzalez.
  • Cast: Maruja Bustamante; Marcela Peidro.
  • Music: Juana Molina.
  • Sound: Piste Rouge.
  • Animation: Jeanne Griseri; Marianne Lemoigne; Suzanne Matharan; Marvin Moal; Eloise Rauzier.
  • Producer: Nicolas Schmerkin.

Mankind no longer exists, only Fluor and Carlix remain, two ghosts in sportswear. They wander among the remains of an extinct civilization in search of a WiFi connection and a head of a giant cetacean. A story of encounter and friendship, punctuated by a final playlist: that of the end of the world.

Florentina Gonzalez

Florentina Gonzalez studied animation and visual arts at the National School of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires where she now teaches. Her graduation film "Trompita y la migracion de liebres" (Little Trumpet and the migration of the hares) won numerous awards in festivals. She also works within the organization of the Argentinian festival "Bit Bang Fest Animation" and as a freelancer in various animation studios.

"Trompita y la migración de liebres" (2019)