Fontis Nympha

Francia. 2022. Color. 18 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Ina López.
  • Scriptwriter: Ina López.
  • Cast: Clara Eon; Jo Prida; Romane Raffin-Delys.
  • Cinematography: Imanol Pittaluga.
  • Editing: Laura Rius Aran.
  • Sound: Mathieu Orban.
  • Producer: Ina López.

Place de la Concorde, between the obelisk and the Eiffel Tower, drops of water flow on the breasts of the nymphs caused by the jets of the Fountain of the Seas. Julie meets up with her friends and tells them how she first found out about female ejaculation. A fable emerges and echoes with her words.


Ina López

Ina López is an Uruguayan filmmaker based in Paris. Her works are linked to cinema and its experimentation as well as feminisms, fabulation, and memory.