Good Night Mr. Ted

España. 2021. Blanco/negro. 10 min. Animación. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Nicolás Sole Allignani.
  • Editing: Nicolás Sole Allignani.
  • Art director: Nicolás Sole Allignani.
  • Music: Gonçal Perales.
  • Animation: Bonaventure B. Monplaisir; Lear Marsala; Mikel Sánchez; Nicolás Sole Allignani; David Torres.
  • Producer: Mikel Sánchez; Nicolás Sole Allignani.

Every night, when the child sleeps peacefully, his Teddy bear must fight the monster in the closet so that it does not take him away. Eventually, Teddy's injuries and wear and tear take their toll, and he is replaced by another new toy. Since then he roams the city streets, abandoned.

Nicolás Sole Allignani

Argentina. He is an animator, illustrator and filmmaker. In 2017 he graduated as an audiovisual designer at the University of Buenos Aires. Since then he has worked as a storyboard maker and 2D animator in film, animated shows and advertising for studios such as Rudo Co, Binalogue, WTF!

Since 2018 he lives in Spain and Good Night Mr. Ted is his Graduation Thesis of the Master in 2D Animation at the Barcelona Film School.

"Ahí viene el avioncito" (2017)