Francia. 2022. Color. 15 min. Animación. .
  • Film Director: Joseph Pierce.
  • Scriptwriter: Joseph Pierce; Nicolas Pleskof.
  • Cast: Zahra Ahmadi; Eddie Chamberlin; Gemma Lokat-Smith; Evelyn Neghabian Pierce; Minou Neghabian Pierce; Aaron Neill; Sam Spruell.
  • Cinematography: Vanessa Whyte.
  • Editing: Robbie Morrison.
  • Music: Lung Dart; Rémi Vandenitte.
  • Sound: Dominic Fitzgerald.
  • Animation: Aurore Grillot; Ed Stockton.
  • Producer: Hélène Mitjavile.
  • Co-production: Reino Unido, Bélgica, República Checa

Driving along the motorway, Will loses his sense of scale. As his crippling drug addiction deepens, he struggles to unpick the sequence of events that led to his predicament, before he’s lost forever.

Joseph Pierce

Joseph was born on 7 April 1982 in Greenwich, London, England, UK. Joseph is a director and screenwriter, known for being one of the few animators to use the rotoscope technique to exquisitely blend live action and animation to reflect a distorted, fractured and strange world, full of complex, broken and lonely souls.

"The Baby Shower" (2016) / "The Pub" (2012) / "A Family Portrait" (2009) / "Stand Up" (2008)