Pizza d'Amour

Alemania. 2022. Color. 11 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Elsa van Damke.
  • Scriptwriter: Alexander Schmid.
  • Cast: Dalila Abdallah; Joy Ewulu; Christoph Glaubacker; Christian Kerepeszki; Maximilian Mundt; Sophia Schubert.
  • Cinematography: Alexander Friedrich.
  • Editing: Victor Majarres Gamke.
  • Music: Amaury Laurent Bernier.
  • Producer: Lisa Carstensen.

Her part-time job as a pizza delivery girl leads Suri to the house of Thomas, a man in his mid-fifties. There she is confronted with her biggest nightmare: Her parents' sexuality and the realization of her own double standards.

Elsa van Damke

Elsa, born in Berlin in 1994 under the star sign of Pisces, has always been tiny and loud. With a passion for writing, she began a degree in journalism in 2013. After the third semester, that focussed on filmmaking, she fell in love with the profession and switched to the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin to study Film. She did her directing internship at the famous Studio Babelsberg.

Her thesis short film "OH SH*T!" is not only a declaration of love for menstruation, but also reflects the central themes of her art: feminism, intersectionality, breaking taboos and a questioning of (her own) privilege. The film won her the award for best newcomer in directing at the Snowdance Independent Film Festival.

At the moment she's doing her Master's degree in directing at the renowned film Uni Hamburg Media School. She's expected to graduate in October 2022.

Elsa cries as much as she laughs. She blames everything on her star sign, hates the word „normal“, her favorite colour is fir green, and after 5 years of practice she can finally bake french macarons.

Mejor director joven por "Oh Sh*t" en el Snowdance Independent Film Festival (Alemania), 2021