The Blameless

España. 2020. Color. 100 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Guillermo Benet.
  • Scriptwriter: Guillermo Benet.
  • Cast: Susana Abaitua; Pilar Bergés; Raúl de la Torre; Pablo Gómez Pando; Violeta Orgaz.
  • Cinematography: Giuseppe Truppi.
  • Editing: Perig Guinamant.
  • Art director: Laura Juárez.
  • Music: Troia .
  • Sound: Roberto Fernández.
  • Producer: Guillermo Benet; Cristina Hergueta.

The police evict a concert in a social centre. During the following altercations, the impact of a stone kills an agent. Who threw the stone? Who knows it? Why are they silent? This the story of people who live knowing the answers. The story of their silence, cowardice and guilt.

Guillermo Benet

Guillermo Benet was born in Madrid in 1984. In 2011 he graduated from ECAM specialising in Screenwriting. In 2013 he founded the production company Vermut together with Rafa Alberola and Cristina Hergueta, with which he created several short films. In 2020 he turned his award-winning short film "Los inocentes" into his first feature film. 

''Está amaneciendo'' (2021) / ''Los inocentes'' (2020) / ''Los inocentes'' (C) (2018) / "Les vimos reír y creímos que era de felicidad" (2016) / "Kisses" (2013) / ''Zombie's Breakfast'' (2009)

Premio del Jurado Joven a la Mejor Película, Toulouse Cinespaña (Francia) 2021 / Premio Especial a la Mejor Dirección de Película Española, Festival de Sevilla (España) 2020