The Communion of my Cousin Andrea

España. 2021. Color. 13 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Brandán Cerviño Abeledo.
  • Scriptwriter: Brandán Cerviño Abeledo.
  • Cast: Andrea Abeledo Rodríguez.
  • Cinematography: Brandán Cerviño Abeledo.
  • Editing: Brandán Cerviño Abeledo.
  • Music: Boyanka Kostova.
  • Sound: Daniela Fung Macchi.
  • Special Effects: Pablo Lamosa Barros.
  • Producer: Brandán Cerviño Abeledo; Sabrina Zimmermann.

Andrea has made her first communion. However, the ceremony lacks glamour. For Andrea, things without sparkles are not things. The only problem is: Does this God exist?

Brandán Cerviño Abeledo

Brandán is a Galician director, graduated in Fine Arts in 2015 from the University of Barcelona. In 2018 he specialized in Documentary Direction in International School of Cinema and Television of Cuba, EICTV. In 2019 he returns to Galicia, where he develops new projects thanks to the aid to new talents from AGADIC.

"Hai Unha Virxe Alí Arriba" (2020) / "En la Boca de la Mina" (2019) / "Carta a Leningrado" (2018)