The Stillness Syndrome

España. 2021. Color - blanco/negro. 31 min. Documental. .
  • Film Director: Elias León Siminiani.
  • Scriptwriter: Miguel A Trudu; Jorge Caballero Ramos; Elias León Siminiani.
  • Cinematography: David Correa.
  • Editing: Miguel A Trudu.
  • Music: Konga Music.
  • Sound: Francesco Lucarelli; Alejandro Molano; Nacho Royo-Villanova.
  • Special Effects: Fernando Marcilla.
  • Animation: Fernando Marcilla.
  • Producer: Jorge Caballero Ramos; Elias León Siminiani; Ainhoa Ramírez.
  • Co-production: Colombia

In 2018, a group of filmmakers, calling themselves 'The Motionless', embarks on an essay film about a hypothetical stillness syndrome in the Republic of Colombia.

Elias León Siminiani

Elías is studying Hispanic Philology and Film Directing at Columbia University, New York. Passionate about the possibilities of audiovisuals, he has investigated different formats and genres. His work in fiction for cinema includes 'Dos más' (2001), 'Archipiélago' (2003) and 'Ludoterapia' (2007), best short film at Europa Cinema 2007. In non-fiction, the series of micro-documentaries Key Concepts of the Modern World, the first four instalments of which have won more than 100 international awards, stands out. Elías also explores hybrid formats with pieces such as 'Zoom' (2005) or the series 'Límites' (2009). In 2011 he released a new fiction short film entitled 'El premio'. Produced by Avalon P.C., Pantalla Partida and himself, 'Mapa' is his first feature film.

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Mejor Documental por ''Apuntes para una película de atracos'', Premios Forqué (España) 2019 / Mejor Documental por ''Apuntes para una película de atracos'', Premios Feroz (España) 2019 / New Directors Award por ''Apuntes para una película de atracos'', Festival de San Sebastián (España) 2018 / Mejor Cortometraje de Ficción por ''El premio'', Premios Goya (España) 2012 / Eurodoc Award al Mejor Documental por ''Mapa'', Festival Europeo de Sevilla (España) 2012 / Biznaga de Plata al Mejor Cortometraje por ''El tránsito'', Festival de Málaga (España) 2010