Summer of Bees

Finlandia. 2021. Color. 23 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Ida-Maria Olva.
  • Scriptwriter: Marjo Airisniemi.
  • Cast: Heli Hyttinen; Jarmo Perälä; Irina Pulkka.
  • Cinematography: Heini Mäntylä.
  • Editing: Antti Tuomikoski.
  • Sound: Samuli Ala-lahti.

On a particularly hot summer, Eedi, suffering from eco-anxiety, decides to quit their studies and start beekeeping. Eedi gets reluctant help from their mother Anne who, rather than fearing for the future, is scared of every single little bee.

Ida-Maria Olva

Filmmaker, musician and beekeeper based in Tampere, Finland. Right now I’m interested in minimalism, docufiction and autobiographical filmmaking. Topics that seem to resurface on my works are climate change and eco-anxiety, deep ecology, bees, solitude, loneliness, family relations, social structures and identity, inherited traumas and lost lands. It’s characteristic of my works to have a comedic undertone.

Pintaan (2016) / Orchard Road (2015)