Francia. 2021. Color. 11 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Mikaël Gaudin.
  • Scriptwriter: Mikaël Gaudin.
  • Cast: Marine Albert.
  • Cinematography: Maxence Lemonnier.
  • Editing: Nathan Jacquard.
  • Sound: Antoine Bertucci.
  • Special Effects: Jonathan Bignon.
  • Producer: Stéphane Demoustier.

That afternoon, ten-year-old Antonin has a date with Zohra, a girl he’s very fond of. But she shows up with her two cousins, who dare them to play a dangerous game involving cars driving on a road nearby.

Mikaël Gaudin

Born in Paris in 1984, Mikael Gaudin studied economy, theater and cinema before joining the Louis Lumière school in the cinema section. He then worked for 8 years as an assistant director on films by Jaques Audiard, Volked Schlöndorff or Pierre Salvadori.

''Gamineries'' (2020) / ''Dans le viseur'' (2020) / ''Les dimanches de Jean Dézert'' (2018) / ''J'ai enlevé Suzanne'' (2010)