The Inconvenient

España. 2020. Color. 94 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Bernabé Rico.
  • Scriptwriter: Bernabé Rico; Juan Carlos Rubio.
  • Cast: Juana Acosta; Carlos Areces; Daniel Grao; Kiti Manver; Eduardo Rejón; José Sacristán.
  • Cinematography: Rita Noriega.
  • Editing: Nacho Ruiz Capillas.
  • Art director: Claudia González Carbonell.
  • Music: Julio Awad.
  • Sound: Álvaro Silva.
  • Producer: Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo.

It tells the story of Sara, who is offered to buy the perfect house: spacious, very bright and extremely cheap. It only has one small drawback: Lola, the current owner who will live in it until she dies. Still, Sara thinks it's a good deal and decides to buy and wait.

Bernabé Rico

He builds his career both in theater and audiovisual, alternating facets in acting, production, directing or writing. In 2009 he created the show and audiovisual production company TalyCual Producciones. As an actor, he has worked in feature films such as 'Madre amadísima' by Pilar Távora, 'Comme des voleurs' or 'Un autre homme', both by Lionel Baier. In theater he has worked in 'Humo' by Juan Carlos Rubio, 'The fat fish' by Roger Rueff and 'Razas' by David Mamet, the latter two produced by him. In cinema he has produced the fiction short films 'No existe el adiós' and 'Atracones', the latter also directed by him, as well as the documentary short film Premiere, co-directed with Ander Duque. He has been the executive producer of all his works, in addition to the Web series 'Today can be a great day'. He is currently combining the 'Razas' tour with the post-production of his next short film, 'Libre Directo'.

El inconveniente (2019) / Todos mis padres (2019) / Cowboys (2014) / Libre directo (2011) / Premiere (2011) / Atracones (2011)