Life Was That

España. 2020. . 109 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: David Martín de los Santos.
  • Scriptwriter: David Martín de los Santos.
  • Cast: Ramón Barea; Anna Castillo; Maarten Dannenberg; María Isabel Díaz; Pilar Gómez; Petra Martínez; Christophe Miraval; Daniel Morilla; Alina Nastase; Florin Piersic Jr.; Victoria Sáez; Annick Weerts.
  • Cinematography: Santiago Racaj.
  • Editing: Miguel Doblado; Lucia Palicio.
  • Art director: Javier Chavarría.
  • Music: Estrella Morente; Fernando Vacas.
  • Sound: Patrick Ghislain; Eva Valiño.
  • Producer: María Barroso; José Carlos Conde; Rosa García Merino; David Martín de los Santos; Damián París.

Two Spanish women of different generations meet in a hospital room in Belgium. Maria has been living there for decades after emigrating in her youth, and Veronica is a young newcomer looking for the opportunities she never found in Spain. Between them a peculiar friendship is forged that will lead Maria to undertake a journey back to the south of Spain with an unusual mission. What begins as a journey in search of Veronica's roots will become an opportunity to question certain principles on which she based her life.

David Martín de los Santos

After more than eighty awards with his four short Films, 'Tomorrow is not another day', 'In the hale', 'Take me somewhere else' and 'May 23', David Martín de los Santos has written and directed his first feature film, 'That Was Life'. It has just premiered almost simultaneously in the Official Selection of the 33rd Tokyo International Film Festival and the 17th European Festival of Seville. The script was supported by ICAA-Ministry of Culture, Comunidad de Madrid and selected at MadridCrealab, La Ventana del Cine de Madrid, Small is Biútiful -Espagnolas in París (Comission du Film d'llle de France and the Cannes Film Festival), Meditalents and it won the Best Project award at the Almeria lnternational Film Festival. lt also received an honorable mention in the X Julio Alejandro SGAE Award.
He also written and directed the documentaries '¿Generación Perdida?' and 'Neither alive nor dead' for TVE, as well as 'The Sleeping lsland', awarded at the Barcelona and Lyon Film Festivals. All of his short films have been supported by cultural institutions and received many awards. All were selected at Alcine and have obtained up to ten awards, only in this festival.


''La vida era eso'' (2020) / "23 de mayo" (2016) / "Mañana no es otro día" (2015) / "¿Generación perdida?" (2011) / "Ni vivos ni muertos" (2011) / "En el hoyo" (2006) / "La isla durmiente" (2005) / "Llévame a otro sitio" (2004)

Mejor Producción Nacional por ''Llévame a otro sitio'', Festival Internacional de Cortos de Almería (España) 2014