España. 2019. . 72 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Israel González.
  • Scriptwriter: Israel González; Juan de Dios Garduño.
  • Cast: Fernando Cermeño; Patricia G.Méndez; Isabelle Junot; David M.Santana.
  • Cinematography: Antton Líbano.
  • Editing: Popi Varilla.
  • Music: Jesús Calderón.
  • Sound: Antony Metaxakis.
  • Animation: Desi Sussu.
  • Producer: Alejandro de Felipe; Miriam Díaz Aroca; Pedro Luis Gomez Carmona; Floren González; Félix Martin Rojas; Miguel Rueda.

Raúl is a Spanish journalist and food critic who makes photographic reports and reviews for specialized magazines. After spending a few days in Los Angeles, he begins a route along the West Coast of the United States to reach Las Vegas, where he will make a report on the gastronomy at the foot of the road and also the gastronomy of the City of Sin. His nightmare begins when he wakes up in the middle of Death Valley, in the Mojave Desert, tied with a chain to an old Plymouth Barracuda. No possibility of escape and no one to help you for hundreds of miles around.

Israel González

Formed as a screenwriter, director and film director. In 2015 he shot his first low-budget feature film 'Los Límites del Cielo'. He is also the creator of the first series in Spain for Instagram 'Dulces de barrio'.
Currently, he is preparing his new feature film 'Broken' with Hollywood production and actors.

"Dulces de Barrio" (2018) / "Los límites del cielo" (2015) / "Tournees" (2018) / "Quieren Poder, Wzhello" (2017) / "Terapia" (2011)