A Revolt without Images

España. 2020. Color. 14 min. Documental. 16mm.
  • Film Director: Pilar Monsell.
  • Scriptwriter: Pilar Monsell.
  • Cinematography: Pilar Monsell.
  • Editing: Pilar Monsell.
  • Sound: Hamid Martin.
  • Producer: Pilar Monsell.

One of the most unknown uprisings of our history "The bread mutinery" was led by women in Cordoba, May 1652. There are no faces, there are neither names. There is no image of them. How can we recover the gestures of resistance that we cannot see?

Pilar Monsell

Filmmaker, artist, and researcher. She studied Creation Documentary Film at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. She carries out artistic and audiovisual projects using some registers, from film-essay to documentary through cinema experimental or memory and archive film.

"Dos sueños después" (2017) / "África 815" (2014) / "Pan, trabajo y libertad" (2012) / "Distancias" (2008)