Bélgica. 2020. Blanco/negro. 19 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Xavier Seron.
  • Scriptwriter: Xavier Seron.
  • Cast: Elikia Bondekwe; Youri Dirckx; Chantal Pirotte; Baptiste Sornin.
  • Cinematography: Florian Berutti.
  • Editing: Cristophe Evrard.
  • Sound: Marie Paulus.

Flo has to go to Marrakech for work. So, it's Tom who takes care of Sam, their 5-year-old son. Despite the list of tasks Flo left him, Tom forgot Sam’s guitar course. Flo calls to blame him. Tom picks up Sam. The car comes out of the garage at full speed. Sprotch. Tom just crushed something...

Xavier Seron

Xavier, born in Brussels in 1975, is director and scriptwriter. He enters the IAD in 2001. In 2005 his final work 'Rien d'insoluble' receives many prizes and is selected in more than 50 festivals. In 2007, he wrote and directed with Christophe Hermans the short film called 'Le crabe'. He's currently preparing the shooting of his first fiction feature-lenght film and a documentary.

"Le crabe" (2007) / "Rien d'insoluble" (2005)


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