Francia. 2020. Color. 14 min. Animación. .
  • Film Director: Marion Auvin.
  • Scriptwriter: Marion Auvin.
  • Cast: Jean-Noël Brouté; Justine Curatolo; Sarah Grappin; Bruno Podalydès; Aurélie Vérillon; Anne Steffens.
  • Editing: Benjamin Cabaj.
  • Sound: Claire André; Nadège Feyrit; Bruno Guéraçague.
  • Animation: Marion Auvin; Alix Boiron-Albrespy; Marta Gennari; Vaiana Gauthier; Alexis Poligné.
  • Producer: Virginie Giachino; Joris Clerté.

Jean, a well-known but casual actor, arrives on set freshly shaved while his director had asked him to come with a four-day beard. This innocuous gesture is a disaster for the filming and, for Jean, an opportunity to finally pay attention to the world that surrounds him.

Marion Auvin

Marion Auvin moved to Paris from Brittany to study art at the École Estienne while taking a degree in film studies at the Sorbonne, before studying animation and film direction at the EMCA in Angoulême. She made her first short film there. 

"Conte d’ete" (2018) / "La Passation de pouvoir en France" (2017) / "Corps en mouvement" (2016) / "Without Sugar" (2015) / " I Am What I Am" (2014) / "It all Started at the Lauderette's" (2012)