My Holidays

España. 1999. Color. 12 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Juan Antonio Bayona.
  • Scriptwriter: Juan Antonio Bayona; Pau March; Lluís Segura.
  • Cast: Anna Esmeralda; Sergi Ruiz; Pere Trabal; Taïs Villora.
  • Cinematography: Mark Neumann.
  • Editing: Eduard Anglada.
  • Art director: Dídac Bono.
  • Music: Jordi Sánchez.
  • Sound: Sol Sánchez.
  • Producer: Christian Parra.

 'Well, I go on vacation because I am already at school and I have taken out and I go to the town of my grandparents and there I eat salami."


Juan Antonio Bayona

Juan Antonio studied at ESCAC. In 1999, he directed the short film 'Mis vacaciones' and, in 2002, 'El hombre esponja'. He began his career directing television commercials and video clips. He debuted in the feature film with 'El orfanato' (2007) and received the Goya for Best New Director in 2008. He is the author of films such as 'Lo imposible (The Impossible)' (2012) and "Un monstruo viene a verme (A Monster Comes to See Me)" (2016) in Spain, and was chosen by Steven Spielberg to direct "Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom" (2018). In 2013 he received the National Cinematography Award within the framework of the 61st edition of the San Sebastián International Festival.


"Jurassic World: El reino caído" (2018) / Un monstruo viene a verme" (2016) / ''9 días en Haití (2015) / "Lo imposible" (2012) / ''La desgracia en'' (2008) / "El orfanato" (2007) / "El hombre esponja" (2002) / "Mis vacaciones" (1999)


''Penny Dreadful'' (2014)


 Mejor Director Novel por ''El orfanato'' (2008), Mejor Director por ''Lo imposible'' (2013) y Mejor Director por ''Un monstruo viene a verme'' (2017), Premios Goya (España) / Premio SIGNIS - Special Mention por ''Un monstruo viene a verme'', Festival de San Sebastián (España) 2016