España. 2019. Color. 12 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Borja Soler.
  • Scriptwriter: Manuela Sijé.
  • Cast: Israel Elejalde; Bruna González; Eva Llorach; Daniela Soneira; Juan Vinuesa.
  • Cinematography: Diego Cabezas.
  • Editing: Vicky Lammers.
  • Sound: Roberto Fernández.
  • Producer: María del Puy Alvarado; Eduardo Villanueva.

Ines and her little sister, Julia, are on holidays doing what they like best: snorkel. Every night at eight o'clock the girls stand near their father and wait. Their mother always calls at that time and they know that is the only way they can make sure their father will hand them the phone.

Borja Soler

Borja in 2010, founded the Caballo Films production company with three other partners. In 2013, he produces and co-directs the feature film 'Stockholm', a multi-awarded film in several national and international festivals, winner of a Goya Award. In 2018 he premiered the short film 'Now we will be happy', with whom he wins several awards.

"Snorkel" (2019) / "Ahora seremos felices" (2018) / "Stockholm" (2013)