To Help The Human Eye

España. 2017. Color - blanco/negro. 83 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Velasco Broca; Julián Génisson; Canódromo Abandonado.
  • Cinematography: Velasco Broca; Canódromo Abandonado.
  • Producer: Luis Cerveró; Ignacio Martín de la cruz; Enrique P. Vergara.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a series of Gnostic spells perpetrated in India fell on the figure of a Spanish priest, thus ending his honor and his life and cursing forever his descendants. Harassed by this curse, his great-grandfather will also be forced to flee from the town to the capital and thence to a cathedral submerged in the depths of the ocean. Black magicians, delinquents, insects, archons and even Satan himself will be some of the sinister characters who must face to succeed in their evangelizing adventure.

Velasco Broca
Julián Génisson
Canódromo Abandonado

(Spain) Julián Génisson, Lorena Iglesias and Aaron Rux are Canódromo Abandonado. They have been making obsessive humor videos about saving, cinema, dance-horror, dream language or experimental medicine for three years. 'Bruce Lee's tomb' was his first feature film.

"Pinocho" (2015) / "La tumba de Bruce Lee" (2013)