España. 2016. Blanco/negro. 11 min. Animación. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Alberto Vázquez.
  • Scriptwriter: Alberto Vázquez.
  • Editing: Diana Cano.
  • Art director: Alberto Vázquez.
  • Music: Víctor García.
  • Sound: David Rodríguez.
  • Animation: Khris Cembe; Roc Espinet; Pamela Poltronieri; Martín Romero.
  • Producer: Diana Cano; Nicolas Schmerkin.
  • Co-production: Francia

The world is a wonderful stage, but the casting is deplorable.

  • Awards
  • TERCER PREMIO ALCINE | Edición 46 2016
    TROFEO ALCINE A LA MEJOR DIRECCIÓN ARTÍSTICA - Alberto Vázquez | Edición 46 2016

    Alberto Vázquez

    Alberto Vázquez (A Coruña, Spain, 1980), animation director, illustrator and cartoonist. His books and comics have been published in countries like Spain, France, Italy, Brazil and Korea and his illustrations have been published in magazines and newspapers around the world. He just finished his first featured film "Psiconautas", whose is director, scriptwriter, art director and based on the graphic novel of the same name by the own Vázquez. His works have won three times the Goya Awards (best animation film and best animation short film twice)

    "Homeless Home" (2020) / "Decorado" (2016) / "Psiconautas" (2015) "Sangre de Unicornio" (2013) / "Birdboy" (2012)