España. 2015. Color. 12 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Nacho A. Villar.
  • Scriptwriter: Pablo de Palma; Álvaro Hervás.
  • Cinematography: Michal Babinec.
  • Editing: Darío Mejías Soto.
  • Art director: Darío Mejías Soto.
  • Sound: Clara Alonso.
  • Producer: Gonzalo Martínez.
A tale of a journey and awakening. A girl who enters a new world and escapes part of herself.
  • Awards
  • PREMIO WELAB A LA MEJOR FOTOGRAFÍA - Michal Babinec | Edición 45 2015

    Nacho A. Villar
    Nacho A. Villar enrolled the film writing workshop at the ECAM. That year, he starts to work as a production assistant on the film 'La Voz Dormida'. On September 2011, Nacho A. Villar began his study of filmmaking at the ECAM. In 2012 he worked as an asssitant director in the film 'Libertador'. He is actually working as an associate critic writer at 'Caiman. Cuadernos de Cine', where he also took a course on film critic writing back in 2013.
    "Niña" (2015) / "2/05" (2014)