España. 2014. Blanco/negro. 8 min. Ficción. Vídeo.
  • Film Director: Marc Martínez Jordán.
  • Scriptwriter: Marc Martínez Jordán.
  • Cinematography: Marc Martínez Jordán; Isis Velasco Vilanova.
  • Editing: Marc Martínez Jordán.
  • Art director: Isis Velasco Vilanova.
  • Music: Adri Mena.
  • Sound: Clàudia Ballester Freixas.
  • Special Effects: Marc Martínez Jordán.
  • Animation: Marc Martínez Jordán.
  • Producer: Isis Velasco Vilanova.
A 20€ budget Comedy-Horror-Science fiction-thriller-Animal-Drama shortfilm starred by my grandmother and me.
  • Awards
  • TROFEO ALCINE AL MEJOR MONTAJE - Marc Martínez Jordán | Edición 45 2015

    Marc Martínez Jordán
    Marc Martínez Jordan (Calella, 1989), graduated as Director from ESCAC in 2012. 'Timothy', his final project, combines a naive atmosphere with a violent and distressing script. He directed also a sequence on 'Los Inocentes', a 12-director adolescent slasher with lots of humor made by ESCAC students. Now he has made a short film with 30$ budget, 'Horseface', a science fiction, thriller, horror, comedy, animal drama starred by himself and his Grandma.