Toxic Love

España. 2015. . 112 min. Ficción. .
  • Film Director: Norberto Ramos del Val.
  • Scriptwriter: Toni Juyent; Pablo Vázquez.
  • Cast: Edu Ferrés, Ann Perelló, Mariu Bárcena, Álvaro Lafora, Daniel Castro, Diana Gómez.
  • Cinematography: César Pujol.
  • Editing: Norberto Ramos del Val.
  • Music: José Sánchez-Sanz.
  • Sound: Jose Ignacio Arrufat; Mateo Menendez.
  • Producer: Aitor Espiniella; Norberto Ramos del Val.
It's a turbulent story, frail, full of social terrors. Not more, not less. An encounter between two lost souls. As lost as anyone still seeking true love these days where time is chasing us, as lost as those who want to make us believe they stopped looking for love a long time ago.

Norberto Ramos del Val
Norberto is director and producer since he's had no other option left. After various successful short films his first feature 'Muertos Comunes' is published in 2004; a thriller starring Javier Albalá and Ernesto Alterio, screened at the Film Festival Mediterráneo de Montpellier and Málaga among others. In 2011 he successfully produces 'The last weekend', a thriller starring Irene Rubio, Alba Messa and Marian Aguilera. In 2012 follows 'Summertime', the most successful movie that year, screened at festivals such as Cineuropa or Fancine en Málaga. In 2013 'Pepón es guay' is published, the 'happy accident of a fake documentary done in one day'. After that, the web series OBI starring his cat, and 'Faraday', a fantasy-comedy premiered at the festival in Sitges. Now he's back with 'Toxic Love', a film full of social terrors, while he's already preparing his next adventure.
"Pepón es guay" (2012) / "Summertime" (2012) / "El último fin de semana" (2011) / "Hienas" (2009) / "Muertos comunes" (2004)