Cutting Close to the Bone

The section of ALCINE most attuned to reality and the present, Cutting Close to the Bone brings us into contact with one of the most painful open wounds in modern-day Europe: jihadist terrorism, and how attacks affect daily life on the continent. Little by little, terror has spread to the streets of London, Berlin, Marseille and Barcelona. The old forms of terrorism have given way to jihadist cells, which are expanding and out of control in the major capitals of Europe.

As opposed to the old methods of sowing terror, as opposed to weapons and bombs, cars or any old truck have now been turned into deadly tools. How do these cells act, how do they find suicidal recruits here, what is going on in their families, in their surroundings, that makes them take such an extreme decision… On the basis of very different outlooks, in different countries and with very different perspectives, we shall see a series of short films that aim to shine a little light on one of the most disconcerting and difficult-to-understand topics in the modern world.

Once again, national and international short films demonstrate their permeability to the reality on the ground, their capacity of analysis and their courage, not only in cinematic terms but also as documentary or journalistic records.


Cutting Close to the Bone - Terrorism